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Forex, FX and the Forex market are some common abbreviations for the Foreign Exchange market. Actually it is the largest financial market in the world, where money is sold and bought freely. In its present condition the Forex market was launched in the seventies, when free exchange rates were introduced, and only the participants of the market determine the price of one currency against the other proceeding from demand and supply. As far as the freedom from any external control and free competition are concerned, the Forex market is a perfect market.
With a daily turnover of over trillions of dollars, the Foreign Exchange market conducts more than three times the aggregate amount volume of the United States Equity and Treasury markets combined. The Forex market is an over-the-counter market where buyers and sellers conduct foreign exchange business using different means of communication.
Unlike other financial markets, the Forex market has no physical location or central exchange. Since the Forex market lacks a physical exchange, the market trades continuously on a 24-hour basis, moving from one time zone to the next, across each of the world's major financial centers every day. Trillions of dollars of foreign exchange activity takes place every day. From 1997 to the end of 2000, daily forex trading volume surged approximately from US$5 billion to US$1.5 trillion and more (according to various recent studies it has touched $1.7 trillion per day and dwarfs all other markets for trading in size and volume). It is really difficult, if not impossible; to determine an absolutely exact number because trading is not centralized on an exchange. But one thing is for sure that the Forex market continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.
Before the advent of Internet and ecommerce, only big corporations, multinational banks and wealthy individuals could trade currencies in the Forex market through the use of the proprietary trading systems of banks. These systems required as much as US$1 million to open an account. Thanks to advancements in online technology, today investors with only a few thousand dollars can have access to the Forex market 24 hours a day and around 5 ? days of a week.
The Forex market is a nonstop cash market where currencies of nations are traded, typically via brokers called forex brokers. Foreign currencies are constantly and simultaneously bought and sold across local and global markets while traders increase or decrease value of an investment upon currency movements. Foreign exchange market conditions can change at any time in response to real-time events so it is also considered to be a highly volatile and fragile market too. Conditions of the Forex market never remain the same they changes every second.
The foreign exchange market dwarfs the combined operations of the New York, London, and Tokyo futures and stock exchanges. According to its size and scope it is many times larger than all other markets. Stats shows that spot transactions and forward outright Forex trading take place in the inter-bank market. 51% of the market is in spot Forex transactions, followed by 32% in currency swap transactions. Forward outright Forex transactions represent another 5% of this daily turnover, with options on 'interbank' Forex transactions making up another 8%. Therefore the inter-bank market accounts for 96% of the global foreign exchange market, with the remaining 4% being divided among all the global futures exchanges.
For traders, Forex trading provides an alternative to stock market trading. While there are thousands of stocks to choose from, there are only a few major currencies to trade (the Dollar, Yen, British Pound, Swiss Franc, and the Euro are the most popular). Forex trading also provides a lot more leverage than stock trading, and the minimum investment to get started is a lot lower. Add to that the ability to choose flexible trading hours (forex trading goes on 24 hours a day) and you have the reason why so many stock traders have flocked to day trade currencies.

Adzim, Here's Your Analysis for 06/21 CA Core Retail Sales & US Existing Home Sales...

Hi Adzim,

8:30am CA Core Retail 0.5%(E) -0.1%(P) 0.5%(S) 50M
10:00am US Existing Home 4.8M(E) 5.05M(P) 400K(S) 50M

E = Expected Release Figure
P = Previous Release Figure
S = Deviation or Surprise Factor
M = Expected Movement In Pips (if deviation is hit)


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Tue June 21, 2011

[8:30am NY Time]

Here's the link for the complete CA Core Retail Sales m/m

RetailSales is usually a very tradable release as traders
draw direct correlation between retail activities with
economic health. Here´s Forecast:

8:30am Core Retail Sales Forecast 0.5% Previous -0.1%

Here's the link for the complete CA Core Retail Sales m/m

[10:00am NY Time]

Here's the link for the complete US Existing Home Sales

US Existing Home Sales is expected to rise slightly from the previous month as current foreclosure rate is still remaining resiliently high. Here´s the forecast:

10:00am Existing Home Sales Forecast 4.80M Previous 5.05M

Here's the link for the complete US Existing Home Sales


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Commentary by Brad Gareiss: EUR/CHF to Resume Downtrend at 1.2223?

A bearish Gartley pattern is forming on the EUR/CHF 2hr Chart.  This pattern has great price symmetry, although it is too early to judge its time symmetry.  The trade would also enter near the bearish trend line that is drawn on the Daily Chart below.  This is a a textbook trade that will be an ideal setup if the CD leg continues to rise with roughly the same slope that AB has. The trade will be invalidated if the pair drops to 1.2008 before reaching our entry.

We are looking the sell the EUR/CHF if it rises to 1.2223 (Point D).  Point D is located at the convergence of the following points:

  • 78.6% Fibonacci retracement of XA.
  • 161.8% Fibonacci extension of BC.
  • AB=CD.
  • Bearish trend line on the Daily Chart.
  • To recap, we will look to sell the EUR/CHF at 1.2223 with our stop placed at 1.2267.  Our initial profit target is 1.2157 (38.2% of CD).

    Daily Chart - Trade would enter near the bearish trend line.2hr Chart - Bearish Gartley; sell at 1.2223.

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